Drug Free Sport Staff Writers

Drug Free Sport Staff Writers

Friday, April 1, 2016

Drug Free Sport Talks International Business: IDTM and WADA-Compliant Testing

Drug Free Sport engaged in a new partnership with IDTM, a European leader in anti-doping and drug testing. We sat down for a Q&A with Ben Mosier, Director of Professional Sports Drug Testing at Drug Free Sport, to gain more insight on the details of our partnership with IDTM and WADA-Compliant Drug Testing.

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Q: So, Drug Free Sport has a partnership with IDTM. Can you explain the partnership to me?

A: IDTM stands for International Doping Tests & Management. They are a world-wide anti-doping service provider that is based out of Stockholm, Sweden. Essentially, IDTM and Drug Free Sport are peer companies, separated by an ocean. IDTM takes care of European drug tests, while Drug Free Sport takes care of American drug tests.

Q: Does IDTM test in the same high-quality structure that Drug Free Sport does?

A: Yes, IDTM has a global network of certified Doping Control Officers (DCO) and Blood Collection Officers (BCO). These individuals provide collection services to International Sports Federations, World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), National Anti-Doping Organizations, and Independent Sports Organizations.

Q: What is IDTM’s main focus?

A: They mainly test Olympic sport testing, both In-Competition and Out-of-Competition. However, they are also allowed to perform services for non-Olympic sports as well, since they are a third-party administrator.

Q: How do Drug Free Sport and IDTM work together?

A: With the large increase in U.S.-based collection work, IDTM has trained a select group of strategically-located Drug Free Sport DCOs to complete collection work for them. Equally, Drug Free Sport has trained and utilized several IDTM DCOs globally for Drug Free Sport client-specific collection work.

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Q: You spoke about IDTM providing collections for WADA; can Drug Free Sport do the same?

A: Yes, Drug Free Sport is able to perform WADA-compliant tests like IDTM. However, most of Drug Free Sport’s clients are not bound by the WADA code. This means that they have the ability to customize their own testing programs. For example, they are able to determine the substances tested for, testing frequencies and procedures, and their sanctioning procedures.

Q: The Summer Olympics are starting in August. How will they impact Drug Free Sport’s drug testing?

A: If an athlete is participating or trying out for an Olympic team, but is a player within our U.S.-based client testing program (NBA, PGA Tour, LPGA, and certain NCAA sports), they must adhere to both WADA-sanctioned testing as well as the testing programs of the professional or collegiate leagues they fall under.

Q: How will the Olympics directly impact the athletes competing in both the Olympiad and a professional or collegiate league?

A: The athlete will see an increase in overall testing, both out-of-competition and in-competition. There will also be more stringent policies and sanctions to follow, along with multiple collection agencies and personnel performing the testing. 

Drug Free Sport is enthusiastic about our partnership with IDTM and is ready to further our mission to ‘ensure fair and safe sport’. 

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