Drug Free Sport Staff Writers

Drug Free Sport Staff Writers

Thursday, April 7, 2011

CONFIDENTIAL - How to pass a drug test!

Contributed by Michaela Stemmons, MA, ATC

The Situation

I decided to go home over the summer after my first year of college; It was great seeing all of my old high school buddies, and catching up like the old days, sparking up a few blunts a week.  My buddies told me I would be fine as long as I stopped about a week or two before I returned to school.  A few of them had taken work-place drug tests and they passed with the help of an online detox and cleanse system, so I figured I should be fine.  The week before returning to school I went online to www.hightimes.com and found several recommendations from the website on how to pass my drug test, including substituting my own urine with synthetic urine, drinking detox drinks and mixing my urine with a urine additive.  Just to be sure I thought I could try all of the above.

The Dilemma

Upon returning to campus the athletic department held an all sport meeting and they went over the NCAA drug testing program and our institutional program and at the end we were required to sign a consent form.  The speaker was great and even told us how to pass a drug test!
1.      E-books with step-by step instructions
2.      Adulterants (Bleach, washing powder, Urine Luck, etc…)
3.      Dilution (Water, water, water)
4.      Substitution (The Urinator, switching with a buddy, synthetic urine)

With this information I was feeling even more confident because it matched what I had seen online at, www.hightimes.com.  Then the speaker hit us with a bomb shell…these don’t work.

The Truth

If you smoke marijuana and think you can pass a drug test administered by Drug Free Sport (administrator of the NCAA Drug Testing Program and hundreds of institutional programs) or the World Anti-doping Agency, think again.  We have heard and seen it all (to-date) and as a result we have measures in place to discourage cheating.  Some of those measures include:
  • Direct observation to the restroom, in the restroom and back to the collection table by a crew member of the same sex
  • Rinsing of hands before and after urinating
  • Crew member must see the urine actually leave the body (shirt pulled up to chest and pants to mid thigh) 
  • Student-athlete keeps the sample in their possession until they sit at collection table
  • Specific gravity and pH are measured

We have heard and seen it all (to-date at least) and want to share a few misconceptions that student-athletes may have if they’ve used marijuana, supplements, or other illicit drugs and are afraid to fail a drug test.

Common Misconceptions

Misconception #1.  I’ll visit the local “health or sports nutrition” store, or go on-line; to purchase a product that claims to cleanse, detox or purify my system to help me beat a drug test. 

The reality is that none of these OTC products work.  The products may instruct the individual to consume a significant amount of water and add color back to the urine which would help to beat a test if the collection crew didn’t measure the concentration of every sample.  But the Drug Free Sport collection protocol requires that concentration is measured.  So, don’t waste your money. 

Misconception #2.  I’ll just start drinking water now and flush the marijuana out of my system.

The reality is that this technique will only delay the collection process and you will spend some quality time getting to know the collection crew.  When you arrive at the testing site and your bladder feels like you’ve been on a long road trip without any rest stops, the crew will encourage you to void every 15 minutes, exercise intensely and maybe even send you to eat a well-balanced meal.  But the banned substance in your system is still metabolizing at the same rate, so it will still be there when you’re ready to provide a concentrated sample.  Also, if you provide multiple dilute samples, you could be selected for drug testing more frequently for the remainder of your athletic career.

Misconception #3.  If I wait out the collection crew, they will eventually stop the test and I won’t have to provide a sample.

The reality is the collection crew will wait for you to provide an adequate sample.  We won’t reschedule or postpone the test if you claim, “I just don’t have to go.”  Eventually, you’ll have to go.  And if you need to attend an academic obligation, the crew will be at the testing site when you are able to return.  And if you are noncompliant or refuse to test, this could be considered the same as a positive test result. 

Misconception #4.  If my administration calls to notify me that I’ve been selected for drug testing, I’ll just ignore the call.

The reality is that we’ll encourage your school to knock on the front door of your residence, pull your class schedule and come visit you in Organic Chemistry and/or ask those that showed up for the test or your coach to try to contact you as well.  Again, it’s better to take the test than to ignore the call because this could be considered the same as a positive drug test result.

Misconception #5:  I will bring “clean” urine to the drug test or I will receive “clean” urine at the test from another individual when the collection crew is not watching and I will substitute it as my own.

The reality is that the collection crew supervises the testing site and keeps the room organized to prevent individuals from sharing “clean” urine.  And while in the restroom to provide a sample, each individual is being monitored (yes, watched) while they provide the sample.  A same-sex crew member monitors each individual and will ensure that the sample provided is his/her own.  Substituting your sample is not wise because it will be considered the same as a positive drug test result.

So how do you pass a drug test? 

  • Avoid illegal drugs
  • Avoid medications that are not prescribed to you
  • Avoid anything that is a synthetic form of a illegal drug (i.e. K2, bath salts, etc…)
  • Avoid substances that you are unfamiliar with
  • Avoid Dietary/Nutritional Supplements
  • Surround yourself with likeminded drug free friends that share your commitment to compete and live drug free!
  • Ask questions and communicate with your athletic trainers, physicians and the Resource Exchange Center.  You have questions?  We have answers!


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