Drug Free Sport Staff Writers

Drug Free Sport Staff Writers

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pre-season update #1 – NCAA Banned Substances

Student –athletes are heading back to campus and fall sports are getting underway. This is a busy time of year for us as questions come in regarding supplements, medications, banned substances, and drug-testing. Here are some quick points on what you should know and what is new:


Click here to be taken to the NCAA banned drug classes. Please remember that the NCAA does not have a list of specific banned substances, but instead has a list of drug classes that are banned. Any substance that falls in these classes or that is related to these classes is banned.

Take ALL your medications, prescription and over-the-counter, to your athletic trainer or other medical staff, whether you think they could be banned or not.

Report all dietary supplements to your athletic trainer or medical staff to avoid any possible drug interaction.

Ask the REC before use of any dietary supplement product.

What’s new?

Synthetic cannabinoids ARE considered banned under the Street drugs class. This includes compounds listed in products such as K2 and Spice.

Beta-2 agonists (commonly prescribed for asthma) are banned by the NCAA unless they are taken by inhalation and you have a prescription. The medical exception process must be followed for these medications.

We have seen an increase of prescription drug abuse. Recently, Oklahoma linebacker Austin Box had five prescription painkillers and an anti-anxiety drug in his system when he died. The cause of death for 21-year-old Aaron Douglas, a recruit at Alabama, was ruled a "multiple drug toxicity" of methadone, diazepam and carisoprodol.

Remember that some prescription medications, such as pain killers, whether banned or not can prove to be deadly when abused. Do NOT use a prescription that has not been prescribed to you specifically by a doctor.

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