Drug Free Sport Staff Writers

Drug Free Sport Staff Writers

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The “Other” Stimulant: 1,3, Dimethylamyaline (Geranium Oil)

The History
In the ever changing world of supplements that offer miracles with little to no hard work, we are seeing the resurgence of methylhexaneamine (Forthane), which was first patented in 1971 by Eli Lilly as a nasal decongestant. In 2006, Patrick Arnold, under Proviant Technologies and Ergo Pharm released, Ergolean AMP with methylhexaneamine as one of the main ingredients. He claimed that, “AMP gave dieters and athletes an alternative to ephedrine with fewer negative side effects. AMP was touted to have “adrenaline properties” and be “the most powerful weight tool you can purchase without a prescription,”
Methylhexaneamine is now included in a variety of nitric oxide (N.O), pre-workout and weight loss supplements on the internet and in nutrition stores across the country. Companies claim its advantages include powerful energy stimulation, increased metabolic rate, triggering of fat release and capacity to reduce weight, as well as ephedrine-like properties and those of general CNS stimulants.
Don Catlin was one of the first to discover methylhexaneamine on the supplement market back in 2006, when he tested the AMP product by request of the Washington Post. Catlin noted, "The chemical structure is similar to amphetamines and ephedrine." He also stated, "In this class of drugs, everything depends on the dose. Take enough of it and your heart rate and blood pressure will go up and you can die."
What is Methylhexaneamine?
Methylhexaneamine is a stimulant derived from geranium plant oil and is usually mixed with other substances, including caffeine and/or synephrine in dietary supplements as well as “party pills”. Stimulants often speed metabolism, heart rate, and blood pressure and the increased activity in the body produces extra heat (especially in hot and humid conditions). Under these conditions the blood vessels in the skin constrict, preventing the body from cooling itself efficiently. By making the user feel more energetic and less fatigued, stimulants keep users exercising longer. This can set the stage for heat illness, heat stroke and sudden death in certain situations. Large amounts of any stimulant can have side effects such as nausea, dizziness, and nervousness.
Other names (synonyms) of Methylhexaneamine used by dietary supplement companies:
1,3, Dimethylamyaline (Most common)
Dimethylamylamine (DMAA)
Dimethylpentylamine (common)
Geranamine (common)
Geranium Oil (common)
Geranium Extract (common)
Forthane (not to be confused with the anesthetic)
Pentylamine, 1,3-dimethyl-
2-Hexanamine, 5-methyl-
Pentylamine, 1,4-dimethyl
The REC has found this substance in many dietary supplements that we are commonly asked about by student-athletes. One of the most popular supplements that lists this ingredient is Jack3d by USPLabs. Jack3d lists 1,3 Dimethylamylamine, along with caffeine, on its label in what USPLabs markets as a pre-workout and nitric oxide boosting supplement. If you are using this product, we recommend that you discontinue use immediately, as 1,3 Dimethylamylamine will cause a positive drug test for banned stimulants.
Other commonly submitted products that contain 1,3 Dimethylamylamine:

USPLabs OxyElite Pro
Cellucor - M5 Extreme
Nutrex - Hemo Rage Black
Nutrex Lipo 6 Black Hers
BPI - 1M.R. (both capsule and powder)
VPX - Anarchy Covalex
BioRhythm - SSIN Juice
PrimaForce - 1,3 Dimethylamylamine
Serious Nutrition Solutions - Adrena-G
PharmaFreak Technologies – Ripped Freak
Nutrabolics – Hemodrene
MAN – Swagger
Neogenix – Velocity
SciVation – Quake 10.0
Muscle Gauge Nutrition – Trim Down
Beast Sports Nutrition – AmphetaLean Extreme
No Limit Labs – NL-Octrain
Muscle Fortress – Muscle Spike
Applied Nutriceuticals – Black Cats
MuscleMeds – Code Red
CTD Labs - Noxipro
And many more
If you are using any of these supplements, please be aware that the presence of this ingredient will cause a positive drug test. As the discovery of the resurgence of this ingredient is relatively new, please submit all supplements to the REC before using the. The REC does not recommend the use of any dietary supplement and encourages athletes to turn to food first for their dietary needs.


  1. So im really confused right now. Im an ncaa athlete and I like jack3d. when looking at the ncaa banned substance listed Methylhexaneamine, Dimethylamyaline, and Forthane, are all not listed. So how could someone get in trouble for using jack3d???

  2. I suggest that you stop taking Jack3d at once. The NCAA does not have a "list" of banned drugs, they give examples, but they also say that the examples are not a complete list of banned substances. Dietary supplements can change daily and often times they include ingredients that can cause a positive drug test, but also could be harmful to your health. You could test positive on a NCAA test because Methylhexaneamine is a stimulant. Also please remember to log onto the REC www.drugfreesport.com/rec to ask about any and all supplements/drugs.

  3. How long before jack3d is out of your system? I'm a parent and my son was taking this supplement and he is as well an NCAA athlete. I would not want him to get caught for this supplement. I recommended he stop using it. If he was to get tested the day after using this product, would he test positive if he did not take it the day of the test? I would appreciate your help. Thank you.

  4. I recommend that you contact the REC with specific questions. www.drugfreesport.com/rec.

  5. I work with GUINNESS record holders, The current Wrestling world Champion 66kgs, and a huge number of athletes in India. Can you please email me the best places to gather more information to protect athletes against their own ignorance on these products. email ryan@bodyfuelz.com. I blog at http://www.bodyfuelz.blogspot.com

  6. I appreciate your information on the finding & do keep sending more information on these stimulants . amindersingh18@gmail.com

  7. thank you guys. I had a container of Jack3d and just threw the shit out

  8. Oxyelite pro grave me a postive drug test for anphetimines thank god there sending it to the lab. and that i have an understanding employer! I take it religiously.

  9. Please remember that these products are dietary supplements, and what is listed on the label is not always what is actually int he product. Studies have found 12-25% of dietary supplements contain unlisted steroids, stimulants, or trace metals.

  10. My boyfriend is playing D1 NCAA, he is currently taking ripped freak... minus the negative effects it has on his mental state, let alone physical, my question is, how long will this fat burner remain in his system? i also know u cant have a certain amount of caffeine present in the urine test. How long does it take for caffeine to leave the system?

  11. Amanda,

    Please have your boyfriend log into the REC to get a concrete answer.

  12. I have also logged onto the website... It doesnt give specifics, nor does the Ripped Freak website. I sent them an email, requesting a full list of ingredients for their product to cross reference. If he requests a banned substance list wont the school be suspicious?

    There is literally nothing anywhere that has been able to answer any of my questions. I just need to know basically what(if anything)he can do to get this fat burner out of his system in time for his test.

  13. Please list the question and mention your comment on the blog and we can handle your question in detail, I promise.

  14. Do D3 schools test for Geranium Oil?

  15. So let me get this straight.
    According to the NCAA you are not allowed to take anything that will help your body loose fat and stay lean?
    Beyond freakin stupid.
    Geranium Oil is a natural product that does not cause testosterone boosts just helps your body loose fat. So athletes are not allowed to take care of their bodies anymore?
    When is caffeine getting banned and what about straight sugar it gives you an energy boost.
    This is getting completely out of hand.

  16. I just started taking a new product called Predivite, which I really like, but it has 30 mg per cap (I only take 1) of 1,3- Dimethylpentylamine ( Geranium Extract ) in it. Would this also cause a positive drug test? Please respond asap. Thanks in advance!

  17. i'm a swimmer and i used to take jack3d for a while
    as soon as i got to know that it had illegal stimulant
    i stopped it

    my question is how long does take to not get positive results
    on a doping test?

  18. Hey their
    I've been looking and looking for an answer but I hate to go over what Amanda said but I too am on ripped freak and my work up north gives me a piss test every time I go up.I take it once every 2 days. will it show on that screening. needing to know so that I can avoid being black listed

  19. Jack3d threw me in a loop for 2 1/2 months hallucinating really bad. Throw it out. No good. It makes your heart stop.